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Welcome to Gadget World ,your one stop shop of genuine IT Products,Office equipment and supplies

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We are leading suppliers and retailers with amazing deals on a variety of leading brands of IT gadgets and accessories, office equipment and supplies.
Gadget world is the perfect place to shop for your laptops, computers, memory devises, photocopiers, phones or any other IT devise or office equipment,
accessories or supplies.
Our wide range of products includes IT Gadgets and Equipment, Branded Laptops and Computers, Photocopiers and Binding Machines, Mobile Phones,
Electronic Gadgets among other products. All these and more available at competitive prices in our retail shops.

Our Background

Gadget World is a registered company operating under CAP 486 of the laws of Kenya.Since its inception, Gadget World has continued to supply IT
Gadgets, Office Equipment, Computers and Computer Accessories to our in various parts of Nairobi. Gadget World is a supplier of Genuine, Branded IT Gadgets and Accessories as well as officeequipment and supplies to individuals and institutions.
Gadget World has a Vision to be a leading supplier of IT Products and Office Solutions through out the country in the years to come. Gadget World is a home grown brand playing in the corporate arena as a credible and stable supplier of IT Gadgets and Office Equipment together with ail Related Accessories. As you buy Gadget World products,you are buying Kenyan and building Kenya!


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