Secugen Hamster Plus USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Secugen Hamster Plus USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner

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SKU: Secugen Hamster Plus


  • Model: HSDU03P; Item Code: EA4-0085P
  • Compact, lightweight and portable fingerprint reader.
  • Smart Captureā„¢ ensures quality fingerprint scanning.
  • Sensor resistant to scratches, impact and vibration.
  • Scans dry, moist, aged, scarred and difficult-to-scan fingers.



The Secugen Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner patented SEIR technology provides a robust and highly reliable biometric platform. Used in applications supporting biometric authentication and identification.

SecuGen Hamster Plus sensor features Auto-On and Smart Capture technology. The Auto-On feature switches on the scanner whenever it detects a finger. The Smart Capture technology ensures the quality of the captured images at all times. By automatically adjusting the brightness of the sensor, Smart Capture allows the Hamster Plus to capture high quality fingerprints from a wide range of traditionally difficult fingers, including those from dry, wet, scarred or aged skin, and even in bright ambient conditions such as under direct sunlight.

The ergonomically designed biometric authentication device is designed to capture images of any finger and thumb in a reliable manner. SecuGen Hamster Plus Software is compatible with various operation systems such as Android, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows ME and Windows Server 2003. Software developer and system integrators can use Hamster plus finger reader with fingerprint reader software to develop customized fingerprint matching software solutions. SecuGen Hamster Plus USB fingerprint reader is an ideal reader for most biometric security systems.


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