VELO Binding Machine V10
VELO Binding Machine V10
VELO Binding Machine V10
VELO Binding Machine V10
VELO Binding Machine V10
VELO Binding Machine V10

Velo binding machine YD-SB420e V10/14pin

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Power supply: 110V/220V, 50/60Hz;

Power consumption: 200 W;

Punching capacity:  30 sheets (70g)/punch;

Strip type:  10 pins (A4 size)



Velo Binding Machine(YD-SB420E)

YD-SB420E is a strip document binding (velo-bind) machine made of fine aluminium alloy which is firmed, light, durable and having a perfect looking. It’s an ideal machine for professional binding purpose. The machine is divided into two parts. The front part is for punching and the back part is for binding
Paper cover – 8 sheets (230g)/punch;
PVC cover – 8 sheets (0.2mm)/punch;
Size of binding document: A2, A3, A4
Binding strips (10 pins) are available on request.

Operation Instructions:

1. Punching
Move the punching guide to the position in accordance with your binding paper size. Remember to tighten the screw of the guide.
Put the paper into punching slot to the very end with left side touching the punch guide. Press the two punching panels. Please remember punching no more than 30 sheets (70g) per time.

2. Binding
Place the back cover (face down), the punched sheets (last page on the bottom), and front cover (face up) on top of the receiving strip.
Place the receiving strip (bottom binding strip with holes), textured side down in the strip recess, located in front of the backstop. Be sure the small hole in the receiving strip is over the locating pin. The locating pin is on the left hand side of the strip recess area in front of the backstop. The locating pin fits into the small hole in the plastic strip. The strip positioned correctly over the locating pin when it is difficult to slide the strip to the right. Failure to properly align the strip can cause machine damage.
Place your hand at the middle of the pressure bar (pressure on either side will cause binding quality problem).

If document thickness is more than 25 mm, please release the pressure bar to position like Picture No 10 by loosing screws at each end.
Lower the binding bar and machine begins to cut and melt pins. In 10 to 20 seconds the indicator light turns off and the binding process is finished.
Press the releasing button at each low end of the binding part and the pressure bar pop upward. Take out the document.

3. Waste paper and cut pin:
Waste paper tray cap is at each side of punching part. Remove the cap and dump waste paper. There are two caps at right and left side of binding part. Open the cap and take out the cut pin tray.


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